Monday, September 29, 2014



 Being YOUTHFUL has its privileges.  YOUTHFUL is important but not paramount.  The goal as you age is to stay YOUTHFUL and happy.  Being YOUTHFUL does not require plastic surgery nor Botox.  Being YOUTHFUL is a state of mind and activity. The more active you stay the more YOUTHFUL you will be.  Movement is the key to maintaining YOUTH. The phrase, “act your age,” is intended make kids act like adults, so perhaps you think acting YOUTHFUL is showing immaturity.   A little immaturity won’t hurt you.  If you want to wear clothes that are intended for younger people, wear them proudly and with taste.  For instance, let your capris take the place of your shorts but be stylish with them.  Get a YOUTHFUL haircut.  Practice a YOUTHFUL walk.  Be around YOUTHFUL people.  If you are feeling like an old person then it is time to get out and be around YOUTHFUL people to help you remember life can be fun. Life can be fun if you get off of the sidelines and into the center of it. Rejoice in whatever number your chronological age is and live it well.  Your age number should never define you.  With each year you add wisdom.  As long as you keep moving, stretching, walking, dancing, and exercising you are investing in a YOUTHFUL presence.  If you are bored perhaps it is because you are not acting YOUTHFUL or trying new ideas.  Trying something new that you have never done before and let your YOUTHFUL self help you explore new territory. 

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