Saturday, September 6, 2014




COLOR can be a noun or a verb.  The TWENTY-MINUTE COACH is going to use it as a verb today.   I know some of you may have negative memories about COLORING as a child and perhaps you even got in trouble for COLORING on the walls.  If you have negative memories, I invite you to put them aside and go purchase a box of crayons and some blank paper.  I want you to draw a large circle on the paper and choose three COLORS that represent how you are feeling right now, or how you feel about a certain issue.  Next, allow yourself to COLOR on the inside of the circle using those three COLORS until the circle is completely filled.  Notice how you feel after you COLOR.  Now, you can use a bright positive COLOR and COLOR the outside the circle as if you are sending positive energy toward the issue that you just COLORED.   To sit and COLOR something is a meditative exercise that relaxes the brain as you just go through the mindless act of filling the circle with COLOR.   You can also experiment by doing the same circle exercise and COLOR to music.  Choose different types of music to COLOR to.  If you are sad or grieving COLOR to sad music until you are able to release the grief or sadness with tears.  Then COLOR to some upbeat music and notice the difference.  If you are sitting and watching TV aimlessly, allow yourself to COLOR in a COLORING book while watching.  To COLOR is a healing exercise. 

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