Sunday, September 14, 2014



I am sure you have heard of the saying life is a JOURNEY, not a destination.  If you approach life as a Journey what is your gain?   Perhaps, the first positive gain is that you slow down. If you slowed down, maybe you would take the time to plant an herb in your kitchen window and nurture it toward wholeness?  If you treated life like a JOURNEY then there would be time to watch plants grow.  By treating life as a JOURNEY there would be time to write in your journal and you could record the blessings of today.  Perhaps a trip to the botanical gardens in your city where you would enjoy the beauty of life all around you would be a joyful thing to do on your JOURNEY.

 If you are on a JOURNEY such as a hero’s JOURNEY, then there is a reason to JOURNEY, a purpose.  The purpose of the hero’s JOURNEY is to get the golden ring or the blessed challis of life.   The hero’s JOURNEY requires you to overcome some obstacles along the way in order for you to appreciate your gain at the end.  However, the hero’s JOURNEY does not end with the challis or the ring, the hero returns from his/her JOURNEY with something for the people.  Any way you look at it life is difficult from time to time, how you view that difficulty will make the difference as to whether you are a hero or a victim.  JOURNEY for the sake of the JOURNEY.  JORNEY for pleasure. JOURNEY to enjoy all that is around you.

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