Sunday, September 21, 2014



Have you spent your entire life trying to feel QUALIFIED to be alive?  Are you approaching life as if you need to earn your right to exist?  That style of living is proving to be very burdensome isn’t it?  So today let’s reframe the word QUALIFY to work for you rather than against you.  To QUALIFY means declaring competency or adequate skill in a certain area.  For instance, one must have a QUALIFYING time to run the Boston or New York Marathons.  Why?  The main issue is safety.  If all marathon enthusiast could sign up for either of those marathons by just paying the fee then the streets and cities would be overbooked and overran with slow pokes who are going to take hours to finish. The slowpokes are not bad people, matter of fact, they are pretty amazing people because they are running twenty-six miles for the fun of it.  Those slow pokes have many alternative options for running marathons and need to choose from what is available to her/him.  The same applies to your daily life and daily choices.  You do not have to QUALIFY to be on this planet.  You do not need to QUALIFY to take up space or breathe the air around you.  You do however, need to QUALIFY with your head and heart that you are allowed to exist and then choose to exist well.  The important factor, as with marathon runners, is to live life for the fun of it.   Having fun in life is the QUALIFYING denominator that makes you human.

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