Friday, September 19, 2014



OBLIGATION is a duty that you are responsible to perform for you or someone else.  The problem with OBLIGATION is that sometimes we feel OBLIGATED to do something for someone but it really is not our duty or responsibility to do it for them.  Feeling an OBLIGATION that is not really ours is called guilt.   Sometimes OBLIGATION is guilt and guilt can be a strong motivator and also a strong resentment maker.   If someone does a favor for you, are you OBLIGATED to do a favor for him/her?  No you are not.  The word favor implies a gift of the heart out of “I want to.”  If someone does something for you in order to OBLIGATE you to do something back, that is not a favor.  That is manipulation. It is important that you learn the difference between favor and manipulation.  The bottom line is that you are responsible for you and your choices and other people are equally responsible for his/her self.   Learning what your OBLIGATIONS are is important.  Some OBLIGATIONS you will do joyfully.  Other OBLIGATIONS such as a medical bill that seems completely unreasonable but you are still OBLIGATED to pay.  However, that payment may not be made with such joy, but some resentment.  Resentment is a part of life, it is important that you not allow resentment to move in, just let it pass through.  OBLIGATIONS are a part of our adult life and must be met.  How we meet those OBLIGATIONS determines what type of day we will have. 

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