Thursday, September 18, 2014



How many times during the day do you wish that you had made a NOTE of something and didn’t take the time to do that?  You are multi-tasking from the time you get up in the morning until the time you go to bed.  As a result what was important to you three hours ago is completely out of your mind until now and you can’t remember what was important about it.  Thus learning make a NOTE is an important time management tool.  You can do it the old fashion way, which is quite effective.  Purchase a small NOTE pad and carry it with you all day.   It is in this NOTE pad that you write, “Pick up clothes from cleaners.”  Later you write, “Don’t forget the milk.”   Keep this NOTE pad in sight and refer to it often, even every hour.  Making a NOTE of something is very helpful to people of all ages.  There is also another really important NOTE.  How long has it been since you have hand-written a NOTE to a friend to say, “Just want you to know I am thinking of you?”  I am sometimes surprised that stores still sell really nice stationary NOTES.  The next time you are out purchase a package of beautiful NOTES and make it a habit to send a NOTE to people you care about on a regular basis.  A small NOTE goes along way.  The nicest part about any NOTE is that a NOTE is short and to the point.  Enjoy making NOTES today.

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