Tuesday, September 23, 2014



The Twenty Minute Coach has written some interesting blogs about various healing traditions and today is the word SHAMAN or SHAMANISM.  This ancient practice is often misunderstood and discarded as “craziness.”  However, today in our shift of consciousness many of these ancient traditions are returning as viable practices for healing.  SHAMANS (Medicine People) can be found all over the world and come from many indigenous traditions.  Most of them have a commonality with nature, the interconnectedness of all things, energy systems, and alternative realities.  SHAMANS work with energy to manifest new things such as healing and dissolve old things such as unconscious negative belief system.  Shamans perform rituals and healing practices by working with mass and energy, often eliciting powers from animals (totems), plants (herbs) or gathering information from spirit guides from the other side.  Even though SHAMANS come from an ancient tradition of passed down knowledge it is possible for you to access that same energy if you are willing to suspend reality, as you know it.  If you ever have an opportunity to be in the company of an ancient linage SHAMAN, never pass up the opportunity.  But until that day comes, here is a SHAMANIC practice you can train in today.  Find an amulet that speaks to you. An amulet is a piece of symbolic jewelry that is worn as protection and power.  Many traditional Christians wear a cross, which is his/her symbol of protection and prayer. I wear a golden Tiger necklace, which I use daily to go through my body and hunt mutant cells and eliminate those ells from my body.  If the SHAMINC world interests you, you may enjoy Change Your Story-Change Your Life by Carl Greer. 

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