Tuesday, November 4, 2014




IGNITE means to render luminous by heat , which is a perfect command for your life.  IGNITE your life to become full by heating it up to make it luminous in every way.  You are not alone if the spark has gone out or diminished in your life.  The inner spark often fades when it becomes ignored by the drudgery of daily life.  Think about a campfire.  It does not last all night and has to re-lit every evening to continue to provide the mystery and magic of camping.  IGNITE your daily life as if it is an amazing campfire waiting for you to show up and tell your story to your fireside community.  The dimness of natural light and the brightness of the campfire makes everyone’s face luminous sitting around the fire.  The atmosphere becomes magical and stories are shared that have been kept secret in the daylight.  Something shifts and changes as the light is IGNITED and the flame begins to develop a life of its own.  Nurture the IGNITED flame within your heart, prod it and provide it with the necessary wood and kindling to develop into the amazing gift you have been waiting for.  IGNITE the stories, dreams and desires within you. Choose a space, a time, and the resources you need to IGNITE what you love just as if you are preparing a campfire.  A campfire for one has a particular meditative feel to it.  A campfire IGNITED for the community builds a resource that grows beyond it.   IGNITE something within and watch what happens.

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