Wednesday, November 26, 2014



No surprise that ZOOM follows the word velocity.  Simple definition of the word ZOOM is to move quickly, to move upward quickly, and to increase speed suddenly.  Using a ZOOM lens in photography allows the photographer to bring a distant object into sharp clarity.   If you use a computer you know that ZOOM is also a tool on your tool bar that allows you to focus on words by making them larger.  In each of these scenarios it is important to use ZOOM in your daily life. If your goal has become too distant, ZOOM in on it and make your goal clear and defined.  If you have slowed down in your progress toward your goal, ZOOM in on it by quickly re-instating its importance.  Re-enforce your goal with ZOOM energy that increases your likelihood of success.  Move upward in your life by ZOOMING in on what you want.  Maybe you need to be myopic for a while, meaning single focused, not allowing anything to get between you and your goal.  Myopic vision is what happens when the photographer ZOOMS in on a picture.  No longer is the viewer able to see the big picture, but the viewer is able to see the beauty of the rose petal with a drop of morning dew on it.  Both pictures are beautiful in their own way.  Enlarging the picture allows you to bring the entire picture into focus, but ZOOMING in allows you to see the microcosmic beauty.  Both are necessary to enjoy fully the moment. Do not be afraid to ZOOM in.

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