Friday, November 7, 2014




Following up on the word IGNITE, be LUMINOUS.   Be a voice of clarity in the darkness of daily life.  Realize and take personal responsibility that your actions, words, and even thoughts effect other people as well as your own demeanor in the world.    When you have a negative thought your body tightens, your behavior constricts, and you adapt your body to react to the negative input the brain is receiving.  Learn to transform negative thoughts by LUMINOUS thinking.  Shine some light on the darkness allowing time to reflect about how you reached such a negative thought and then allow that reflection to act as LUMINOUS moment to transform that negativity into something positive.  There is an old Sufi story about a teacher who lost his keys.  His students found him looking for his keys beneath the streetlight. After exhausting all efforts to find the keys one student asked,  “Where did you lose your keys?”  The teacher said, “Inside the house.”  LUMINOSITY helps you get clear about what questions to ask and where to search for what is missing.  LUMINOUS thinking heightens your ability to analyze and think things throw.  Following negative and critical thoughts down a dark road will lead you into depression and despair.  Allow yourself to shine the light where the darkness appears in order to get your life on track.  The more you allow the LUMINOUS presence of the light the more clarity you will receive about most of the issues in your life.  Light is just not light.  LUMINOUS light brings clarity to the darkness. 

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