Monday, November 17, 2014




QUIET your mind.  QUIET is an inside experience.  QUIET is also an outside experience.  Libraries are QUIET.  Movie theaters, operas, plays, and tennis matches are suppose to be QUIET.  Why is QUIET important?  QUIET allows you to concentrate and get in touch with you private thoughts.  When you are always listening to the T.V., music, or background noise it is very hard to explore your thoughts and feelings.  Rain makes noise and it is beautiful in its own way.  Snow is really magical and mystical and it is 100% quiet until you step on it and it makes that wonderful crushing noise.  If you have ever been on a walk in a remote area while it is snowing everything is QUIET unless an elk or deer is close by.  Listen intently, and if you hear a crushing of the snow look around and you will probably see a wonderful animal eating from a tree and hearing the hoofs crush the snow around it.  QUIET lends to the essence of the sacred.  Experiencing a time alone in perfect QUIET allows your mind to dump the thoughts that fill it day and out and discover that QUIETNESS of just being you. An interesting experiment is to have the family sit with only the light of a candle for a period of twenty minutes (or five depending on age of the children) experiencing QUIET.   Listening to what each person has to say after this experiment is a lot of fun.  Set aside a time for QUEIT weekly.

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