Sunday, November 30, 2014


Purple, Pink, White are Important Colors of Royalty at this Time

Now, don’t skip this important word if you think it only applies to birth of Christ. Yes, it is true ADVENT is a very important word for Christians during the Christmas holiday.  ADVENT starts on the fourth Sunday before December 25. In the western church it is a time of anticipation, celebration, and remembrance of the birth of Christ and Christ’s second coming.  It is time full of celebration, festive worship, inspiring music and colors of purple and blue.  However, the word ADVENT means the arrival of a notable person, event, or thing.  This is the perfect time to speak about your personal ADVENT.  IT IS TIME TO SHOW UP FOR YOUR OWN LIFE.   Begin to plan, anticipate, and celebrate your ADVENT, your second coming.  IF you are feeling that life has passed you by or has become too difficult then there is no better time than now to plan a personal ADVENT.  Show up and be born again with the zeal to live a quality and meaningful life.  You are the only person that can make this so.  No one else can live your life for you and no one else can make you happy.  It is time to stop waiting with painful pregnancy pains and to give birth to your life the way you want it.  ADVENT is a time of preparation for birth.  ADVENT is a time in the darkness of winter that you focus on the stars in the sky and stop complaining about being born in a stable.  Get on with it. Birth yourself and celebrate the ADVENT (coming) of the next chapter of your existence.

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