Monday, December 1, 2014




Sticking with the theme of the holiday season, a little reflection on the word BOW.  In our English language this word has a duplicitous meaning.  First let’s explore how adding a BOW to a package spruces up the package.  Imagine a package that is wrapped in bright red Christmas paper and then imagine adding a white BOW to it.  The BOW brightens the package adding a little flair.  Next imagine adding a green, gold, silver, or multi-colored BOW. Each BOW changes the visual image of the package, each eliciting a different visual appeal.  What could use an addition of a BOW in your daily life?  What has become boring or mundane, but still necessary?  Add a BOW to it.  Change  your tooth- brush by choosing a bright and colorful one.  Buy yourself a new journal to start off the new –year.  BOWS are a pleasant addition to what already exist.  BOWS take little effort, but compliment the package with that extra touch of tender loving care.  Treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure.  BOWS bring a smile to your face and raise your level of anticipation.  Do you need a new plate to enjoy your same old breakfast?  Do you need to add color to a room that drags you down?  You are beginning to get the idea, so now allow yourself to be creative with the idea of decorating your daily life with the multi-faceted BOW.  BOWS are used in archery and help the velocity of the arrow.  Then there is the word BOW.   BOW your head in gratitude and be thankful for the BOWS in your life.

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