Friday, December 12, 2014



Controlled Strength...Be Who You Are
MEEK is a word that showed up on my personal Facebook recently.  I then realized how misunderstood the word MEEK is.   Jesus reportedly said in Matthew 5:5, “Blessed are the MEEK because they shall inherit the earth.”  The Greek meaning of the word MEEK, means, “strength under control.”  It does not mean anything like the uneducated connotations people place on it today, such as weak, sissy, or spineless.  Remember, King Herod was supposed to be powerful and in control of his kingdom, but he slaughtered innocent children because of his insecurity and anxiety.  MEEK people are curious.  A MEEK person comes to the table to see what he/she can do to serve and make things better because he/she knows that problems need to be resolved not slaughtered.  MEEK people are not just humble they are powerful and intelligent.  If you were to inherit the earth, how would you go about making the necessary changes needed for peace to be possible?  When does your family need controlled strength to help heal a negative family situation?  You can sit back passively and wait for the holiday season to be over, or you can practice MEEKNESS this holiday season and actually begin to change the negative energy that might show up during this time of celebration and magic.  MEEKNESS reminds us to let go of angry control and relax into letting each person be his/her own unique self.  You don’t need to be the judge.  Let go and practice being MEEK in the true sense of the word.

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