Friday, December 19, 2014


I Have Plenty of Hugs for You

The story of the TEDDY BEAR comes alive through President Teddy Roosevelt who reportedly refused to shoot a tied up bear. Roosevelt was on a bear hunting expedition and the expedition was failing miserably to produce a bear for the President to shoot.  Finally the dogs trapped a poor old fat bear and the hunting party tied it up for our president to shoot.  When the President arrived to the site and found the bear tied up, he refused to kill it because he said killing it would not be honorable sportsmanship.  This story was deemed compassionate and quickly spread from the hunting camp throughout the country.  A female candy shop owner in Brooklyn made the first TEDDY BEAR from a picture that appeared in the Washington Post.  She wrote President Roosevelt and requested permission to name the bear TEDDY BEAR and from that day on TEDDY BEARS have danced into the hearts of children across America, especially appearing under the tree on Christmas morning.  Did you have a TEDDY BEAR as a child?  Do you have a TEDDY BEAR today?  Have you ever seen a TEDDY BEAR that did not make your heart warm up and your whole body smile?  There is something adorable and magical about TEDDY BEARS.  If you are in need of nurturance, a hug, or just some friendly soul to pour your heart out to, then maybe you will benefit by putting a TEDDY BEAR under your tree this Christmas. 

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