Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Oh joy!  It is the controversial word XMAS.  Many of my readers have probably heard the ongoing debate about using  the word XMAS instead of the word Christmas.  Fundamentalists are adamant about not taking the word Christ out of Christmas and replacing it with a pagan X for XMAS.  Researching the history of the word XMAS was very educational.  Religious scholars have written the word XMAS for years.  X in the Greek language represents Chi. The word for Christ in Greek is Χριστος.  The symbol above with X and P has been used since Constantine’s time to represent Christianity. Early religious writers wrote in Greek and in Arabic.  The X in Christmas represents Christ just as much as spelling it out as Christ.  X was used for the word Christ long before it converted to the English word Christ.  Thus, in celebration of XMAS this year can we let our arguments go by the wayside and enjoy the last few days of this holiday season?  Enjoy the true spirit of connecting with each other that this time of year makes possible for us. Regardless of your faith tradition or decision not to choose a faith, XMAS gives us the opportunity to connect and reconnect with people we do not see on a regular basis.   XMAS is a time of celebration of each other.  Chi is the twenty-second letter of the Greek alphabet and Chi is also used as a Chinese word representing the life force that radiates throughout our body at all times.  Let XMAS radiate through you this year.

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