Saturday, December 13, 2014


These two words, NAUGHTY or NICE have been traditional words flowing from Santa Claus’s mouth from the beginning of time.  Santa is checking to see if you have been NAUGHTY or NICE speak to the duality of the western mind.  It is as if we are preconditioned to an all or nothing way of being in the world.  Life is not intended to be measured by the words NAUGHTY or NICE.  The dictionary definitions of each word are miles apart.  NAUGHTY implies being disobedient where NICE implies being pleasant.  NAUGHTY is a direct bad action whereas, NICE is sort of innocuous, a non-action neither positive of negative.   If you are honest with yourself, NAUGHTY seems more interesting whereas NICE seems boring.  Thus, I invite you to break free of this Santa of duality, NAUGHTY OR NICE and enjoy being a person who practices meekness and allow yourself to be truly present to life’s situations as they comes at you. Sometimes saying “no” to a situation or an invitation is going to feel NAUGHTY.  However, in this instance, not over-extending yourself is a NICE thing to do for you and your family.  Do not allow yourself to spend endless moments of anxiety worrying about other people’s feelings and expectations.  Be NICE to yourself and everything else will fall into place.  Reducing your stress and discovering that not everything has to be completed perfectly, more times than not will feel NAUGHTY. But the reduction of stress will feel so NICE.

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