Monday, December 15, 2014


PRESENTS Under the Tree
As we are learning together, most of our traditions come from Germany with pagan origins, hi-jacked by the Church to bring people to Christianity.  I would speak to the issue of the Church as opportunists, but that would not speak to the spirit of the season, so I will stick to Advent and using this time of the year to truly reflect on the opportunity that the Christmas Season gives us to connect to other people.  We know the Magi brought gifts to the Christ Child.  We know that in the dark season of winter, Europeans brought each other gifts of food, Yule logs, and other gifts that represented life.  I learned that the tradition of lavish PRESENTS under the tree really began when German Prince Albert married Queen Victoria of England.  Queen Victoria had fond memories of her childhood when her German mother and British father placed PRESENTS under the tree for their children. Queen Victoria developed fond memories of this time and she and her German husband carried on the tradition in their royal family. Beautiful pictures of their PRESENTS under the tree made their way into the paper.  The wealthy middle class adopted the idea of the PRESENTS and today it has become an opportune time for merchants.  I invite you to personalize the tradition for yourself and your family.  Create ways this Christmas (and Hanukkah) to make PRESENTS meaningful and mindful. Choose PRESENTS that make a heartfelt connection to those you choose to gift. 

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