Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Create Memories out  of QUAINT  Traditions

QUAINT is defined as picturesque, attractive, charming and even old-fashion.  Thus, when I think about a QUAINT Christmas, I remember fondly the real bubble lights on our family Christmas tree.  Those lights were magical and I could watch them for hours on end, mesmerized by the bubbles that endlessly climbed to the top of each light.  What are some of your QUAINT memories about your past holidays?  Do you have a tradition from your childhood that you still carry on in your family today?  What is it about that tradition that makes you feel connected to QUAINT times of the past?  Carving out time in the hustle and bustle of this over commercialized season to make a Christmas evening at home QUAINT will help you build memories with your family for years to come. What could be better than turning on some traditional Christmas music, turning on the Christmas tree, and sitting around the living room telling Christmas stories and remembering your favorite Christmas with your children and friends?  That is beginning of building a picturesque and QUAINT Christmas.  You can make some popcorn, Christmas cookies, and hot chocolate and turn off all electronics for two hours while engaging each other in conversations and story.  Storytelling is a QUAINT activity that builds relationships, exercises creativity, and enhances connection among family members taking advantage of personal time that will never be forgotten.  Set aside at least one designated evening to be with family and set the stage to create an old-fashion QUAINT Christmas tradition.

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