Saturday, December 20, 2014



I am sure that there are some UNKNOWN holiday traditions that you practice, meaning that you do not know how the tradition got started.  For instance, do you know why you have all of the foods you have at your holiday table?  Why do you think cranberry sauce is a tradition at holiday meals?  Do you know why you have ham instead of turkey, or prime rib instead of lasagna? How in the world did a fruitcake end up as a holiday gift?  Speaking of holiday gifts, have you played secret Santa or Christmas angel this year?   Take a moment and think about the people in your life and the gifts you have purchased. Ask yourself, is there anyone in your life’s circle that could really use an UNKNOWN gifter this year? Is there someone who would really benefit from an UNKNOWN Santa by having a medical bill paid or find grocery gift card appearing under his/her tree?  If there is not one that you know who can benefit from an UNKNOWN gift this year then you are surrounded by a multitude of blessed people.  If this is the case, make yourself go to the mall one more time and explore all of those tags still left on a Christmas angel tree.  Choose a tag or two and begin shopping for that child that desperately needs you to make his/her Christmas magical.  It is a gift to be an UNKNOWN gifter.  Give today.  Christmas has built in opportunities for you to create UNKNOWN gifts.

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