Thursday, December 11, 2014


Don't Let Love be an Illusion


Wow the TWENTY-MINUTE Coach made it almost to the end of the year without using this word LOVE.  As Tina Turner sings, “What does LOVE have to do with it?”  LOVE is considered an action verb but is often referred to as a state of being.  For instance,  “I am in LOVE.”  LOVE comes up during the holiday season because LOVE is the assumed connection that brings family and friends together.  However, if the holiday season was not over-commercialized what would you choose to do with this time of year?  Who would you choose to invite to your holiday table if you did not feel like you should?  Who would you buy gifts for if you did not have too?  The definition of LOVE implies deep affection, endearment, and fondness.  What prevents you from feeling those feelings from those you choose to be around for the holiday?  If resentment, judgment and uncomfortable emotions hinder you from really LOVING those around you during this time of year, why not let go of those negative emotions and replace those emotions with LOVE.   Everyone has a story to tell.  Everyone has personal pain in his/her life even if they choose not to acknowledge it.  Difficult emotions are shunned in our society.  It is time to quit denying those difficult emotions and allow yourself to explore them in order that you can be emotionally free to really LOVE.  LOVE and the actions of LOVE are best practiced with a genuine heart of fondness.  Let go and learn to LOVE this holiday season.

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