Monday, December 8, 2014


Illuminate Your Path


Light it up and let it be radiant everywhere during this holiday season.  For me, there is something magical about holiday lights and the more lights the merrier.  Colorful red, green, orange, purple, gold, white, and any variety of ILLUMINATIONS make the holiday season a magical wonderland of mystery and delight.  Get out of your house.  Walk your neighborhood and look at the decorations of ILLUMINATIONS throughout your neighborhood.  Drive through neighborhoods and enjoy the ILLUMINATIONS in their many displays from Santa to Snoopy.  Take a Christmas lights tour on a bus or find places like zoos, parks, hotels that ILLUMINATE every inch of their property for your enjoyment.  In 18th century Germany, the wealthy decorated their Christmas trees with real candles and that tradition traveled internationally until electricity became widely used.  In 1895, President Grover Cleveland lit the first outdoor Christmas tree at the White House.  The darkness of winter, the mystery of the Christ child, the magic of Kris Kringle, St. Nick, and Santa Claus seem to thrive in the ILLUMINATIONS of holiday spirit.  What in your life needs to be ILLUMINATED with some light in order for you to navigate the dark waters of your life a bit better?  Where in your life can ILLUMINATIONS be helpful to you right now?  Sometimes you cannot change the darkness of a situation in your life, but what would happen if you added ILLUMINATION to the darkness in order that you could see better and be less afraid?  ILLUMINATION brings light and light helps when darkness abounds.  Enjoy the holiday ILLUMINATIONS.

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