Wednesday, December 10, 2014


What Kind of King are You?
 The word KING during this time of Advent brings to mind the story of KING Herod and his dictate to destroy the Christ child, whom Herod saw as a threat.  If you study the Herod dynasty, you will come to understand that KING Herod was an insecure and very weak male that could not stand any competition.  The prophecies of old had long predicted that a KING would be born and he would be KING of the Jews.  KING Herod had ordered the Magi to reveal the location of this important baby KING, but the Magi departed a different way and did not reveal the location.  As a result, KING Herod in his anger and angst ordered that all baby boys under the age of two be killed in the area of Bethlehem.  This part of history became known as the slaughter of the innocents.  Each of us has a KING Herod inside of us.  That inner KING is our insecure, anxiety driven ego.  This inner KING will destroy us and anyone else in our path of perceived control in order to keep our life safe.  This pseudo control slaughters our dreams, ideas, and intuition on a regular basis.  We need to birth within us a different KING.   We need a KING of peace that surpasses all understanding that allows us to be present to our life, and bring peace to those around us.  You choose which kind of KING you are willing to be: Herod or the Christ Child? 

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