Sunday, December 21, 2014


The Black Madonna is a Powerful Story

Whether you believe in the literal VIRGIN birth or perceive this great story of VIRGIN birth of Jesus to be a valuable myth it does not change the reality that the story of the VIRGIN birth has echoed hope over these past centuries.  In the accounts of Matthew and Luke, it is reported that an angel of the Lord appeared to Mary and told her she would conceive a child by the Holy Spirit and that child will be called the son of the Most High.   Joseph, the husband of Mary, had a dream confirming what Mary was told.  So every Christmas churches re-enact the long journey that Mary and Joseph made to Bethlehem to pay their taxes.  And there in Bethlehem Jesus was born.  From this time forward many stories have been reported about the VIRGIN and her role in our lives.  If you are intrigued by this VIRGIN and find her compelling enough to know more, I believe you will be enriched by Clarissa Pinkola Estes book, Untie the Strong Woman. I found it fascinating and discovered many meaningful stories about her.  In the meantime, the VIRGIN responded to the angel by saying, “Behold I am a servant of the Lord.  Let it be to me according to your word.”  This is the time of the year to give back for your many blessings, so use the opportunity to serve those around you and make their lives enriched.  Give thanks that you are alive and purpose your life to give to others as acts of gratitude for your life.  

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