Friday, December 5, 2014


Healing comes in Unusual Substances


Reportedly the magi of the Christmas story brought the Christ-Child, FRANKINCENSE, MYRRH, and GOLD.  Obviously these three gifts had great importance and were worthy to gift to newborn royalty.    FRANKINCENSE is harvested from a Boswellia Sacra tree, which are scraggly but hardy trees growing in some of the most difficult climates.  The FRANKINCENSE is a resin that bleeds off of slashed bark of the tree forming a tear like substance.  It was rare in the day of the Christ Child.  It was given to him as a symbol of his divinity.  FRANKINCENSE was used in the Jewish temple as a fragrant incense of white smoke that carried the prayers from the temple to the heart of God.  Today besides incense and perfume fragrance, FRANKINCENSE is finding its way into the medical field.  First it touted properties of healing for arteritis and chronic bowel inflammation.  I began taking Boswellia (FRANKINCENSE) years ago for knee pain and it is the only herb that helps. However, Boswellia (FRANKINCENSE) is making its healing properties known in the field of cancer treatment.  Cancer starts when the DNA becomes corrupted and cells become mutant.  FRANKINCENSE is thought to help the cells reset themselves by separating the brain of the cell from cell’s nucleus, which renders the cell powerless to recreate itself, thus slowing the cancer growth down.  I am not suggesting you run out and buy a bottle today, but I am bringing forward the fact that FRANKINCENSE is still powerful and useful over 2,000 years later. 

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