Sunday, December 7, 2014




Certainly at this time of the year HOPE is an important word.  Traditional Christian and Jewish stories speak of HOPE ranging from the miraculous conception of the   Christ child to the Jewish Hanukkah story of the one day supply of holy oil miraculous turning into the necessary eight day supply needed.  The word HOPE seems to align itself with the word miracle.  HOPE springs eternal especially when the chips are down and every resource has been explored.  It is fine line walking the balance of HOPE and despair.  Despair is never helpful or useful and HOPE helps you stay away from the brink of despair when life is looking fairly bleak. Taking positive action one-step at a time helps build HOPE from the inside out. HOPE activates action and action activates HOPE.  You have nothing to lose by investing in HOPE.  Even if things don’t work out the way you want them to, HOPE helps your mood and keeps despair at bay. HOPE can be practiced and increased when you build positive resources around you. 

·                Reading other people’s stories that are going through what you are going through can fertilize        HOPE.  
·             Watching biographical movies that tell stories of struggle and success can increase you HOPE         thermometer.
·               Going for a walk in nature can uplift your mood and help return HOPE.
·             I also recommend reading: The ANATOMY OF HOPE by Jerome Groopman MD.

This time of year is filled with mystery, magic, lights and music.  Let it saturate your soul and fill your heart with HOPE.

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