Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Diversity and  Light Highlight This Time of Year

A CANDLE is a gentle tool that has many uses.  Originally CANDLES were created to give light in the darkness, prior to electricity.  CANDLES were used in very practical ways.  Electricity to homes in rural America did not start until the 1930’s and CANDLES assisted with gentle light in the evening.  Today CANDLES are abundant during the holiday season.  In Jewish tradition the lighting of the Hanukah CANDLE (Menorah) brings the story of how God kept the oil burning during the re-dedication of the Temple.   There are nine CANDLES in the menorah and one CANDLE is lit for each of the eight nights of Hanukkah. The ninth CANDLE is the servant candle used to light the rest of the menorah CANDLES.   In Christianity there are five CANDLES in the advent wreath.  Three of the CANDLES are purple, one is pink and one is white.  The purple CANDLES represent hope, preparation, and love.  The pink CANDLE represents joy and the white CANDLE, which is lit on Christmas day, represents the Christ CANDLE.  The advent wreath was adapted from pre-Christian Germanic pagans who used CANDLES to invoke the sun god to return and the evergreen circle wreath as a reminder that life is full circle and spring will return.  Today CANDLES fill store shelves of multiple colors, scents, sizes, and shapes begging the consumer to add the decorating touch of a beautifully scented CANDLE as a necessary accent to one’s home.  I believe CANDLES can enhance the ambiance of any gathering and elevate one’s mood when depressed.  Be careful to make sure they are put out properly but enjoy the varieties and nuances of the presence of a CANDLE or two.

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