Sunday, December 14, 2014


            It has been very interesting doing the research to bring this alphabet of Advent to you.  I am discovering that most of our Christmas traditions have been passed down to us through Germany. Most of our traditions are converted pagan practices, adopted by the church in order to appeal to the conversion of pagans to Christianity.   ORNAMENTS began with a monk, St. Boniface.  St. Boniface, born in England but sent to Germany, was the first person to adapt the pagan practice of the evergreen tree, which represented life in the middle of darkness to the people.  St. Boniface told the people that the triangle shape of the fir tree represented the trinity, God the father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  He began to decorate the tree with white candles and red paper roses (representing Mary the Virgin).  From there the practice of placing ORNAMENTS on the tree began to spread throughout all of Europe.  The idea of adorning God with beautiful ORNAMENTS made sense to the people and they delighted in making the fir tree beautiful as a part of their religious practice. 

ORNAMENTS originally found their way to America, through beautiful glass ORNAMENTS from Germany.  The practice was picked up by Hallmark early on and they began making collectible ORNAMENTS which people shop for the latest collectible to give as gifts at Christmas time.  As you decorate your tree with ORNAMENTS this year ask yourself about how and why you chose your ORNAMENTS?   Allow yourself to make this now mostly pagan activity, a practice of story telling and family history making.

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