Saturday, December 6, 2014




The holiday season can if we are open to sharing, open our hearts to GENEROSITY.  It is a time when food banks, angel trees, and charities are appealing to you to open your wallets in the spirit of the holiday.  This year allow yourself to be a little more GENEROUS than in years past.  Allow your heart to filled with GENEROSITY and open your wallet to gift to those less fortunate than you.  You never know when it might be you whose life takes a downward turn and find yourself in need.  However, don’t be GENEROUS out of fear, be GENEROUS out of a heart of gratitude.  There is always more than enough and plenty to go around.  Ever notice that the stingier you are the more restrictive your life becomes?  On the other hand, the more you give the more that is available in abundance to give.  GENEROSITY is shared out of freedom. Scrooge exists out of fear and bitterness.  If you are afraid to let go of your purse strings then this is a perfect time to test the paradox of GENEROSITY.   Set aside a percentage of your holiday budget (you do have one don’t you?) and give that percentage to those in need during this holiday season.  You may discover that by the beginning of the New Year you feel more wealthy and enriched than you have noticed in years before.  GENEROSITY it magical in that it gives back by elevating your mood, makes you feel happy and productive.  Practice GENEROSITY this holiday and watch it multiply.

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