Friday, November 14, 2014




PERCEPTION matters.  PERCEPTION is an amazing ability to sense a situation (any) through your senses, which also include your biography and biology.  For instance if you have a history of not being heard or understood, perhaps you have developed a PERCEPTION that what you have to say is very uninteresting and that you are not as smart as though around you.  That PERCEPTION is dangerous and harmful to your self-esteem and it hurts you.  Instead, maybe you have been around very self-absorbed people.  So, always question your PERCEPTIONS.  How did you come to believe certain things?  When did you come to believe certain things?  For instance if you were four years old when you PERCEIVED that the world was out to hurt you, and perhaps the age of four was very hurtful.  However, at the age of twenty-nine you will need to update your PERCEPTION.  You have many more options as a twenty-nine year old than you did as a four year old.  PERCEPTIONS really do affect your belief system and how you see the world and yourself.   Thus, it is important to examine your perceptions and update them based on the reality of your life as it exist today.  Facts and truth are always filtered through your internal belief system and it is best to compare the facts to what really exist in the world around you.  A four year inside of you should not be ruling your adult life.  Developmental stages make a difference to how you come to believe what you believe. 

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