Thursday, November 20, 2014



THOUGHTS are funny because they seem to have a life of their own.  During the night, sometimes it seems impossible to turn THOUGHTS off.  Strangely, at other times it seems hard to turn THOUGHTS on.  What are your THOUGHTS?  Have you bothered to get to know them?  Do you know what your THOUGHTS are about politics, spirituality, or your purpose on this earth?  Do you bring your THOUGHTS to a conclusion?  Here is a secret about compulsive THOUGHTS. Compulsive THOUGHTS are those THOUGHTS  that go round and round in your head.  It is important to bring your THOUGHTS to a conclusion.  Finish the story.  If your THOUGHTS are harassing you then bring the thought to an end point.  Learn to ask yourself, “What is the worse thing that will happen if my THOUGHTS come true?  Than ask, “So what?” Next tell your THOUGHT what you will do (what action you will take if X happens).  By completing the circle of THOUGHT with an ending then the THOUGHT stops.  The brain needs an answer and sometimes any answer will do.  THOUGHT stopping and THOUGHT changing is challenging and it takes a disciplined mind to intervene and tame the THOUGHTS to go in the direction you want them to go.  Ask yourself,  “What is it that my THOUGHTS want me to pay attention to?”   It is important to understand that since your THOUGHTS seem to have a life of their own that you must learn to manage your THOUGHTS rather than allowing them to ruin your day or steal precious opportunities or moments!

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