Monday, November 24, 2014




XENIUM is a compulsory gift.  By compulsory, I mean it is a required gift.  It is customary for gifts to be purchased and given, especially to ambassadors and Heads of State.   This custom started in ancient Greece and travelled throughout Europe, becoming an international unwritten requirement.  During holiday seasons, weddings, and birthday celebrations the common folk have adapted the XENIUM rules of gift giving. Most of us have participated in the compulsory gift practice of XENIUM. There are two ways for us to explore the phenomena of XENIUM.  First, it is important to acknowledge the truth.  Some gifts must be given.  XENIUM is an important practice in family dynamics. Sometimes XENIUM is important in the work place environment. By intentionally choosing not to practice XENIUM, you are choosing to make your life more difficult.  What is important for you to figure out is:  Who needs to be on your XENIUM list?  Who are the Heads of State in your family system?  Mother in laws, like it or not, require XENIUM gifts.  However, gifts to all of your friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and all of your family members are not XENIUMS.  What gifts falls into the category of an XENIUM and what gifts fall into the category of should is important to know.  Use this holiday season to drop your should gifts and to honor your Heads of State in your family system. Don’t let your critical monkey-mind run-a-muck, get clear within yourself and then gift accordingly.  What XENIUM practices will make your life less stressful?

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