Sunday, November 23, 2014




WHAT do you really want? WHAT is a very important question that you must learn to sit with until you reach the clarity of an answer and develop vision for your life.  The word WHAT seems simple enough until you allow yourself to really answer this important question. WHAT do you really want? The TWENTY-MINUTE coach has talked about the important word WHY.  It might be important to go back and re-read that word while contemplating WHAT it is that your really want.  Sometimes if you do not take the time to examine why you want what you want, then the word WHAT becomes an invisible task- master, causing you to fret and worry about not getting something that you really didn’t want in the first place.  Knowing yourself and understanding that the “WHAT’S” in your life are important to you then increases your velocity to move toward your stated goal.  If your goal is lukewarm and birthed out of a should then your velocity to obtain your WHAT will remain at a slower speed than you need to change.   As you think about the WHAT in your life, it may be very helpful to create a vision board that allows you to experience the emotion of moving forward to your goal.  A vision board can help you clarify if you really want your WHAT or not.  Learning to let go of goals that do not serve us is as important and sometimes more important than creating goals in the first place.  WHAT I give you is permission to let go of your underserving WHAT’s in life. This important word WHAT needs to bring your joy. 

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