Saturday, November 1, 2014


FAITH is a word that often is tossed around in religious venues.  FAITH also implies a complete trust and confidence in a person you are in close relationship.   As the TWENTY-MINUTE COACH, I am going to introduce you to the James Fowler’s work, The Stages of FAITH.   Fowler outlines stages of FAITH just like Erik Erickson teaches about developmental stages of growing up.  Fowler contends that we grow up in our FAITH.   The six stages are:
Stage 0 (0-2) Primal –Undifferentiated where babies learn to trust or mistrust the environment

Stage I  (3-5) Intuitive-Projective struggles between imagination and logic

Stage II (school age) Mythic-Literal very concrete about justice and fairness

Stage III (12-adulthood) Synthetic- Conventional learning to be logical, deduct reason and understand abstract thought

Stage IV (20’s-30’s) Individual-Reflective marked with angst and struggle taking responsibility for FAITH beliefs.

Stage V (mid-life) Conjunctive often a look into the unconscious self

Stage VI (later stage) Universal Faith practicing compassion to all people

The point of investigating these stages is that often people become stuck in a certain stage and his/her FAITH becomes stagnated.   I experience many people stuck in Stage I where God is more like Santa Claus who is quite magical.  The goal of adulthood is to move toward a Universal FAITH and co-exist compassionately with all beings.  FAITH is progressive and healing when we allow ourselves to grow up.  Growing up is a part of becoming whole and embracing our FAITH by taking personal responsibility for our beliefs is part of being a healthy adult.

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