Friday, November 21, 2014



You are the person that defines the word ULTIMATE.  No one else can define ULTIMATE for you.  What is your ULTIMATE dream?  Spend some time defining your ULTIMATE dream.  What is it?  What does it include?  What will it take for it to be realized?  How will you make it happen? Be very specific and detailed.  This is the dream stage of planning.  Without a plan that is completely sketched out, nothing will happen.   A contractor does not begin to build a home without having an architect draw a plan.  You need to have your inner architect draw you a dream plan.  Suppose you wanted to build a home that is your ultimate home, then you would need to know specifics, all the way down to where you will need electrical outlets.  ULTIMATE experiences and dreams do not just happen.  ULTIMATE experiences are defined from the inside out. What is your ULTIMATE Christmas?  How about an ULTIMATE birthday?  Expand your thoughts to include an ULTIMATE trip.  Plan an ULTIMATE day.  Allowing yourself to expand your thoughts into the ULTIMATE design whether it is your house or your meal requires that you stop and actually write out a detailed plan from beginning to end.  Once you have the plan then you figure out from the plan what you need and how you are going to execute the plan.  Stop being haphazard with your money, time, and other resources.  Use your money, time and resources to create ULTIMATE experiences that make your life an ULTIMATE life.

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