Wednesday, November 5, 2014




Join something! Quit sitting on the sidelines of life and get out and JOIN something.  Preferably JOIN something you are passionate about,  but if passion is lacking JOIN a group to learn something new or to stretch you outside of your comfort zone.  Belonging to a community is a great mental health booster and very necessary for a well-rounded life.  JOINING a cause, a group, a class, or even a gym gives you a sense of purpose and you need to experience a sense of purpose to feel good about who you are.  If you are reading this and are totally lost as to what or how to JOIN something new, go to and enter your zip code.  You will be surprised how many activities of a variety of areas are out there just waiting for you to JOIN.  (Disclaimer: There are always scenarios that one can find that are not healthy or good for you, but for the most part if you are not looking for deviance, you won’t find it on can help you find book clubs, hiking groups, four-wheeling, and cooking groups or anything else that interest you.  The point is for you to stop being a “lurker” in your own life and be a participant.  Get out and JOIN something new to alleviate the rut you have dug yourself into.  If after three or four times in your newly JOINED group, it is not working for you.  Stop and JOIN something different.  The old adage of try and try again is true on this important word, JOIN. 

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