Monday, November 3, 2014



The HOLIDAY season comes at the best time of the year, starting in fall and finishing in the heart of winter.  From Halloween until Valentine’s Day there is a HOLIDAY to look forward to with opportunity for plenty of hallmark moments.  However, the HOLIDAY season can be marred with ghosts from times past that you need to clear out in order to celebrate and take every opportunity to be fully alive in the HOLIDAY season.  Hallmark and commercialism have over-burdened and over stimulated many of us with all of the glitz that HOLIDAY’S are becoming burdensome surrounded by clouds of should and have-to.  Do not allow commercialism to ruin the enjoyment and zest that can be yours during this magical time of the year.  Choose the HOLIDAY you enjoy the most and celebrate it fully the way you that brings you the most enjoyment.  Then for the rest of the HOLIDAYS choose one part of the HOLIDAY to truly participate in.  For instance if you live near family and have to do HOLIDAY meals on Christmas morning, afternoon, and evening as well as a big celebration on Christmas eve, you know that already.  So rather than resist it pre-plan and prepare what you are going to take, organize it and have it off of your to do list. As a result of these obligations, trim down on other HOLIDAY have-to obligations and learn to say no to the cookie exchange and last minute wrapping and gift buying.  Pre-plan the obligations and enjoy the HOLIDAY that you love the most.

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