Saturday, November 22, 2014




You may or not remember from math classes that VELOCITY is the speed and direction an object is moving.  For my brain it is a fairly complicated mathematic equation, but the essence of VELOCITY is important in helping you understand the work of change.  To have constant VELOCITY is to maintain constant speed and direction.  The operative word here is constant.  It is impossible when we you are initiating a change to maintain constant speed and direction.  For example, think about how many times you have set out to change your eating patterns and then found yourself invited to a party where you will be tempted with pretty food not on your list.  That example is called a curve in mathematical language.  Thus VELOCITY changes because the speed to negotiated the curve decreases and the direction changes.  What is really important for you to grasp is that once the curve is negotiated the speed accelerates to handle the adjustment that must be made to navigate the curve safely.   You will need to increase your desire to change when curves are coming at you.  Thus, when you are tempted to stay the same, regress, or toss your important decision to the wind, increase your speed in order that the VELOCITY (determination) for change accelerates.  Have a plan to stick to your new goal even when the road to change has many curves, some expected and many unexpected.  Do not let the curves slow you down. Maintain your VELOCITY by using pre-planning to negotiate difficult choices.  VELLOCITY is necessary for change.  Use it wisely.

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