Thursday, November 6, 2014




It is hard to get into your home without a KEY.  Your car will not start without a KEY.   The KEY to your safe protects your valuables and as you get older (if you are like me) you spend a bit of time trying to locate your KEYS.   The KEY to this post is to make sure you know they KEY points to making your life meaningful today.  It is KEY to your health that you take responsibility for it and do not pawn your body off on your doctor.  Eating healthy and reading labels is KEY to you being in charge of what goes in your mouth.  Exercise is also KEY to feeling good about your body and keeping it in top shape.  Another KEY to a meaningful daily life is realizing that you are enough.   Quit trying to make yourself fit into someone else’s mold, be exquisitely all of who you are. Stop hiding.  Open the door of your heart and walk into life.  You are the KEY ingredient.  No one else can be you and the painful truth is no one else can live your life for you.  You are the KEY to your happiness and no one else.  Life is made up of KEY ingredients but you are the master KEY.  You unlock all the doors and you choose how to deal with what comes at you.  The KEY is to stand up and be responsible.  The KEY to your health, finances, relationships, connections, and life’s direction is in your heart.  Open it and live on. 

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