Tuesday, November 18, 2014



Yes, it is time to REFINE your goals.  To REFINE something means to upgrade its quality and make it better.  To REFINE something also means to get the impurities out.  Since you have been working with this TWENTY-MINUTE Coach program for this past year, you have spent valuable time and energy, writing, planning and REFINING your life.  There is no time like “NOW” to explore what has been working for you and what you want to REFINE to make exquisite in your life.  Everything can need REFINING, but to really REFINE something requires focused attention, energy and concerted effort.  Thus only choose one area of your life and decide to spend your energy REFINING that one area until it becomes exquisite to you.  For instance, if you are working on your health, what do you need to REFINE it, to take your health choices to the next level?  What do you need to start or stop that would enable to REFINE your health.  Getting the impurities out of your body is an ongoing task and taking the time to REFINE your health is a worthy investment.  Upgrade the quality of your life through the are to REFINING that which you want to be better and begin the steps to make it better now.  Don’t allow yourself to settle for second best or the ordinary, REFINE it until you make it exquisite.  By choosing only one area you will not overwhelm yourself.  Upgrading the quality of your decisions will REFINE your whole being.

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