Sunday, November 9, 2014



NESTING is a necessity for a well-balanced life.  During our busy lives where each detail of our day is demanding our attention it is important to push the off button and stay home for the day.  Don’t just stay home, NEST at home.  Turn off your cellular devices and electronic apps and curl up by the fireplace, pool, or sofa and enjoy being home.  As you begin to notice your space allow gratitude to settle in around you.  Be grateful for what you have.   As you allow the essence of the day to open up to you do whatever it is you want to do in the comfort of your home.  Cook a great meal or order in Chinese food.  Read, write, even write old-fashion letters to people you have been meaning to say hello too.  Listen to music, chant, meditate, sing, dance, or relax into a bubble bath.  Learning to do nothing but NEST is often a challenge because you are not use to having a whole day to do nothing but be.  However, if you put a NESTING day in your calendar once ever six weeks you will learn to look forward to it and you will enjoy making sure that you have some special things around to help you enjoy the NESTING day.  I suggest having a basket full of crayons, paper, fun magazines, candles, bubble bath, and teas to help you move naturally from one thing to another, developing a natural rhythm for being present and relaxing.  Your NESTING day will recharge you.

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