Friday, October 3, 2014



CERTAINTY is an illusion.  CERTAINTY can be changed in a moment’s notice.  Many people do not believe in the Divine or God because there is no CERTAINTY in that.  Guess what, there is no CERTAINTY that you will wake up tomorrow morning either.  It is important to make educated and calculated decisions in your life but do not let yourself drop into a dark space if those decisions do not pay off just like you thought they would.  You are responsible to investigate, research and educate yourself about the decisions you are moving toward but you cannot know the future.  Do the best you can and always do your home -work.  CERTAINTY is illusive and not something that one can count on.  Can you name the things in your life that you think are CERTAIN?  Go ahead and list those CERTAINTIES.  Then think about those CERTAINTIES by asking yourself, what is plan B?  Plan B is a necessary insurance policy about the CERTAINTY that you think that exists.  CERTAINTY is easy to default to, especially if one does his/her homework. CERTAINTY cannot be counted on.  CERTAINTY is a helpful target and the target needs to be as stable and planned as possible.  CERTAINTY is also helpful when making important choices in your life. Choosing the right college, the right health plan, the right retirement plan, and making those choices viable in your life are very important.  CERTAINTY often needs to be reduced to the question, “If I choose this, what is the worse that can happen? 

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