Wednesday, October 22, 2014




Each of you is very busy and has little discretionary time left to give one more ounce anywhere. This blog is not about burdening you with one more thing.  First let’s look at the little things you already do that fall into the category of VOLUNTEERING.  Make a list of everything that you did this week and look for the hidden VOLUNTEERING in the list.  Did you call a needy friend?  Did you take food to a sick neighbor?  Those are actions that fall into the category of VOLUNTEERING. Give yourself praise for the small things that you already do in within your normal schedule and congratulate yourself for your small acts as a VOLUNTEER. Next, notice the ushers at museums, plays, concerts, and sporting events the next time you go.  Most of those positions are VOLUNTEER positions.  Pretty sweet deal isn’t it?  VOLUNTEERS get to see amazing performances for only directing you to your seat. Being a VOLUNTEER can be fun and relaxing.  In many scenarios the VOLUNTEER receives so much more by giving.  If your life is lacking something,  I do encourage you to make room in your life to VOLUNTEER.  You don’t have to VOLUNTEER weekly or even monthly.  You might discover that serving the homeless on Thanksgiving or Christmas once a year is sufficient for you.  I believe many VOLUNTEER’s feel guilty if he/she is not VOLUNTEERING.  If that is the case, take a break from VOLUNTEERING and go play golf or see the latest movies instead. Guilt is not the reason to VOLUNTEER and may be a sign you are burned out. Enjoy your life.

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