Wednesday, October 29, 2014



To CULTIVATE something is to prepare it by working with it in a mindful and careful way that provides the best flourishing environment. CULTIVATING soil for gardening is something most of us can relate too.  A healthy garden comes from healthy soil.  The soil is CULTIVATED with rich mulch and compost and the soil is turned over many times to help the soil breath and the nutrients from the compost to be equally mixed.  CULTIVATING your life requires the same sort of positive attention and energy.  Imagine your life as a beautiful and rich garden full of colorful vegetables and a large variety of colorful flowers.  Think about all of the diversity you want in your garden to create a year round growing season. CULTIVATE inner and outer diversity.  What is missing in your life that you want to plant?  Do you need to add theater or music to CULTIVATE entertainment in your life?  Are you bored with your workout routine and need to CULTIVATE something different by changing to yoga, Pilates, or running?  Is life uninteresting to you?  If so what do you need to CULTIVATE to make it interesting again.  Perhaps it is time for a new hobby, a new wardrobe, or maybe it is time to take a class and learn something new. There are many ways to CULTIVATE rich life and a fertile soul.  What is happening with your spirituality?  Maybe a divine connection needs to be CULTIVATED to bring a sense of purpose to your daily existence?   CULTIVATE so that your days can be rich and colorful.

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