Monday, October 20, 2014



TASTE is very personal and inclusive of food choices, clothing choices, and home choices.  What do you have a TASTE for?  What foods do you enjoy?  Over this next week choose three foods that you really enjoy.  Practice a mindful TASTING exercise by preparing that food just the way you want.  Then enjoy eating those foods, slowly and with attention to the texture, palate, and taste as you enjoy each bite.  Taking time to really TASTE your food is so important to the enjoyment and health of your well-being.  What is your TASTE in clothes?  What are your favorite colors?  TASTE is personal and you get decide what makes you feel good.  Moving toward the clothes that help you feel good build your self-confidence and personal enjoyment. Assert yourself when it comes to what you like and what you don’t like. Don’t let yourself be talked into clothes just because they are designer clothes when you feel like a mushroom in them.  Personal TASTE is also important when it comes to the d├ęcor and comfort of your home.  Personal space and enjoying your environment is so important to your daily mood.  If you have a TASTE for the Southwest and your home is decorated in Old World you probably feel out of place in your safe environment.  It is important to decorate according to your TASTE.  If you and your partner have different TASTE, discover ways to negotiate and share both of your styles within your livable space. 

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