Tuesday, October 7, 2014



GRACE is considered a root word to GRACEFUL and GRACIOUSNESS.  Also, from a Christian perspective GRACE is a theological word that implies God’s love and acceptance of you just the way you are, not holding you in judgment for your normal humanity.  As the TWENTY-MINUE COACH, I would like you to practice more of the theological word GRACE toward yourself, releasing your judgment and criticism of yourself for being human.  You are going to screw-up and make mistakes.  Some of those mistakes are going to be huge and others annoying.  Either way, nothing is therapeutic about beating yourself up with emotional negativity that berates you and betrays you. When you put yourself, you are practicing self-betrayal. Stop and think about that.  Those hurt feelings and broken heart by those who have hurt you in the past is no different than the pain and anguish you cause your own soul by the emotional abuse you dish out everyday at yourself.  GRACE, personal GRACIOUSNESS toward yourself is what you need.  The simple words, “I forgive myself for________,” are helpful and healing words to break the monotony of the negative drone in your head.  GRACE is an action and a movement of positive energy that allows life to flow beautifully and look regal.  Practice being regal and asserting a sense of confidence about your life and let GRACE flow from your body as well as from your mouth and heart.  GRACIOUSNESS is needed to co-exist with you and with others.  Be Gracious today.

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