Thursday, October 9, 2014



INSIGHT is the ability to comprehend or understand something at an intrinsic level.  INSIGHT is not always logical and sometimes it is just plain intuitive.  Having the INSIGHT to understand something at this comprehensive level is a gift that you can train your brain towards.  INSIGHT in to any situation can be gained by asking the simple questions: who, what, when, where, why and how?  These questions will help you gain information and give INSIGHT as to how someone else perceives the issue.  INSIGHT is a great skill and resource to have available when you are communicating, especially about difficult topics.  Choosing an appropriate time to have a sensitive discussion is INSIGHTFUL.   You are acting with INSIGHT when you choose decide to stay an extra day because of travel conditions.  INSIGHTFUL living is making choices that are wise, generous, and astute given the circumstances of all of the pieces of the puzzle.   Sometimes being INSIGHTFUL is to know when to be silent.  INSIGHT is also developed by observation.  Asking questions is a direct way of gaining information.  Observation is equally important but and indirect way to gain information.  What are the facial cues that you are receiving when speaking to someone?  What body language is being exhibited?  Are they distracted?  Being INSIGHTFUL about a problem is to understand a problem deeper than what meets the eye.  Do not be afraid to share your INSIGHT on a situation because it can add a fresh perspective to an old problem.  INSIGHTFUL thinking helps you get out of  your rut.

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