Saturday, October 25, 2014



When I think of the word YIELD, I think of the yellow triangle sign above, which basically means, pause and look both ways prior to continuing with your motor vehicle.  YIELD in this sense means to give the right of way to other traffic.  The word YIELD also means to concede in an argument and let the opposition win.  In the banking industry the word YIELD is used to describe the percentage that people make on his/her invested dollars.  YIELD is important to you today in each of the above scenarios.  Where is it in your life that you need to pause and look in all directions before proceeding with your idea or plan?  Are you examining all possibilities and making sure that you are on the right of way with your goal?  Next, how many arguments are you currently in conversations about?  Why is it so important that you win the argument?  What is the worse thing that would happen if you YIELDED to the opposition? Do you find yourself refusing to YIELD just in general principle?   If so, what is the pay-off for holding out?  If your personal life is fraught with discontent in relationships because you are always trying to prove your point, then maybe it is time to YIELD and let go.  How much of your daily life is YIELDING a high return on happiness?  Are you investing in decisions, activities, relationships, and personal time in meaningful ways that are YIELDING you a crop of happiness? Get the best YIELD out of your day.

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