Sunday, October 26, 2014



What are you ZEALOUS about?  What makes you care?  What gets your adrenalin going and get up off the couch to make a difference?  I am a child of the sixties and everything mattered, the Vietnam War, racism, personal freedoms and those causes rocked the world as we knew it.  Then I noticed that in the nineties when I was teaching that it seemed to me that no one cared.  During our first war with Iraq, not one college protest made the news.  During our second war of “Shock and Awe,” young people didn’t seem to notice that for the first time in our history, we invaded another country.  But finally, a change seems to be brewing.  Alicia Keys, the thirty-three year old singer is showing a ZEALOUS spirit with her knew song, “We Are Here” Her ZEALOUS spirit is raising a voice of compassion, connection and caring.  Her ZEALOUS energy is taking political action and beginning a grass roots movement to make a difference. Let’s face it, Maya Angelou is gone and most of the activists from the sixties are dead.  It is time for a new ZEALOUS energy to take over and bring America back and make it even greater than it ever has been.  Moving the mountains of apathy and greed is going to take thousands of ZEALOTS with ZEALOUS energy that will not be stopped until change is accomplished at the very basic heart and soul of humanity in this country.  Give yourself permission to be ZEALOUS today and join a cause, any cause, with all of your heart. 

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  1. Many men and women, many of our parents, were survivors of WWII. They knew war. They didn't have major news sources other than the radio and newspapers. There was no CNN or Fox. Much of the news was spread by word of mouth. Most everyone was involved in some way during this war. After the war, we prospered, but we did not let down our shields. There was a race to space. The "Cold War" began. The U.S. and Soviet Union built more and more nuclear weapons, and we had them pointed at each other. We were aware that the KGB was here and that the CIA was "over there".Then there was the 60s revolution. We wanted "peace not war"or "make love not war" The Vietnam War was a mess. After some time, we left Vietnam after so many lives were lost. Many Vietnam vets have been ignored. Then the Berlin Wall came down and the Soviet Union fell apart. leaving America as the last remaining Super Power. Many are not worried about China who we are heavily in debt to. Not many years later, the World Trade Center towers fell, an act of terrorism. Lives were lost. On live television, we saw the attack on Iraq and Afghanistan. Perhaps these attacks showed the next generation that no one messes with the U.S. and that we didn't have to worry. We had no fears of an invasion on U.S. soil. Many just ignored what was going on in the world. We have lone wolf terrorists in our country. Many have no interest. Many of our children are much better off than we were. It's like an apathy has developed. Where will all this go? I've always believed that if Rome could fall, then so can we. We have become a "soft" nation in many respects. Still, there are many causes. Causes for which I believe we need to pay attention to. I hope that there are zealous people who will take a stand. As a nation, we can not disregard these causes. I hope that our children will not leave these causes for others to deal with. For me, I am interested in doing what I can to help the homeless and mentally ill. My son and daughter are involved as well, and for that I'm proud.