Saturday, October 11, 2014


The word KIOSK is a Persian word that means a pavilion or garden area that is open on all sides.  That word seems fitting today because many KIOSKS make our life easier.  There are computerized ticket KIOSKS at the airport that move human traffic through the check-in lines much faster. There are breakfast KIOSKS in Europe that make it easy for fast paced train commuters to grab a bite before his/her commute. Magazine and news KIOSKS have been around many years making it easy to purchase something to read and now those KIOSKS suffer due to personal tablets that allow readers easy access to everything and anything they want to read.  KIOSKS make life easier and important needs and information readily available.  Think about your home as a KIOSK.  Organize departments in your home as if each department was a KIOSK.   For example, most of you have your jewelry stored in a KIOSK sort of way.  You open your JEWELRY box, draw, or stand and inside can view and choose your jewelry for the day.  Filing cabinets are your personal KIOSK for important papers, such as deeds, wills, medical information, and anything else that you don’t want to keep just electronically.  One day filing cabinets may go the way of newsstand KIOSK but for now they are still necessary.  Other areas in your home that are easy to KIOSK are your pantry, spices, and kitchen gadgets.  Think if you had a KIOSK for your keys, sun- glasses, and remote you would never have to go looking for any of those items again.  KIOSK your life!

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